Liberal Women in Malmö has initiated a project for young people funded by the Youth Board and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. We train young people in self-knowledge, communication and law to prevent violence. You can help us too!

Act against violence against women!

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  • 01 Training in group
    Act against violence! We do! You can do it too!
  • 02 Masks
    In order to facilitate the dialogue, we use different masks symbolizing different voices / characteristics.
  • 03 The Pleasure Voice:
    ”Sex is wonderful, love awkward. I take, I devour, I consume! ”

We have a zero tolerance against violence and perpetrators.


Self- insight


Our goal is to strengthen girls' self-knowledge and boys' self-insight. In a rapid and easy way give them knowledge of their rights and obligations.


is a relatively new method used in the U.S. to explore the human inwardly.

Assuming that each person consists of different EGO, i.e. have different characteristics, which we reinforce or hide.

The method help you choose which one of the characteristics you need in a specific situation = which voice do you want to reach for solving a specific problem.

The voices have their name, such as "Vulnerable Child," "Magical Child", "Criticism," "Promoter," "Pleasure voice", etc.

The participating young people get tools to learn about themselves and their own value, for to be able to say no to violence, bullying and harassment..

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We inform about legislative power. The Discrimination Act which came into force January 1, 2009.
Crime victim’s rights. A victim or a perpetrator?